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 BITSAT Mock-test made by students of bits pilani

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Why choose BITSEase?

Made by BITSians

Mock tests are made by students of BITS Pilani who aced BITSAT last year. This means they have the closest experience to how a real test feels like

Quickest way to crack BITSAT

Mock tests are the best way for last minute BITSAT prep. Our mock tests are tailored for BITSAT 2024

Covers 90% of the questions

We have handpicked 780 questions spanning over 6 papers covering 90% of the patterns of the questions asked in BITSAT

Our Test Series

What do you get in this package?

6 BITSAT Mock Tests on our online platform
 4 Full Tests
 1 Class 11 Test 
1 Class 12 Test

Gain more confidence by taking tests on our online platform that gives you closest experience to real BITSAT exam.

Our Story

BITSEase is conceptualised by two BITSians. It all started back in college when we, two proud BITSians, were constantly approached by numerous aspiring students for study tips, BITSAT prep material, and the best strategies. We spent countless hours helping others crack BITSAT. We realized there was a serious lack of quality preparation material for BITSAT - some platforms just copied questions from other tests, while others never got updated with the latest pattern. One day, we decided to create some mock tests ourselves to help our small community get an extra edge. Suprisingly the response was incredible! That's when we realized the depth of the problem, perfected the solution, thus BITSEase was born. 

Our Philosophy

We believe doing 100 good questions again and again is way more helpful than doing random 1000 questions once. So at BITSEase, each and every question is carefully picked to cover the whole spectrum of questions asked in BITSAT. We urge you to understand each question with its concepts in detail to get the best out of the tests.

Did you know?

BITS Pilani is one of the few colleges that offers 0% attendance.
Giving you the flexibility to work on your dreams.

BITS Pilani is where founders of startups like Swiggy, Big Basket, and MPL come from.
 It has a rich culture of entrepreneurship.

BITS Pilani offers upto 100% of scholarship on tuition fee if you get good scores in college. Approx. 30% of all students get some form of scholarship on tuition fee.

Average placements at BITS Pilani is at par with most IITs.

hear from BITSians about us

As a proud BITS Pilani alum, I can't recommend this BITSAT prep platform enough! It's like a virtual time machine, transporting you to the real exam atmosphere with its spot-on mock tests. The questions are not just good, they're BITS-quality! Get ready to ace that BITSAT with confidence!
- Aryan Gupta, BITS Pilani '19,
(works at Microsoft)

Knowing the founders personally, I can vouch for their expertise in BITSAT that makes this test series incredibly authentic and helpful. I've seen firsthand the effort they've put into this series to make it top notch!
 - Parv Budhiraja, BITS Pilani '18,
(works at Google)

Having gone through the BITSAT journey myself, I wish I could get a platform like BITSEase during my time. Its efficiency in honing skills in such a short time is remarkable. I can only imagine how much smoother my prep would've been if I had this gem earlier!
- Arunabha Mukherjee, BITS Pilani '20,
(placed at Amazon)

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